Project Overview

Project goals

Engage the public

to ensure expectations and values are identified

Evaluate and improve

roadway and intersection safety and operations, including speed limit recommendations

Right-size the roadway

for efficient movement of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians now and in the future

Improve pedestrian access and safety

along and across Holyoke Avenue – Highview Avenue


Collect and analyze data on existing conditions

Winter/Spring 2023

Gather feedback from the community on challenges and opportunities of the road today

Spring 2023

Prepare design alternatives

Spring/Summer 2023

Share design alternatives with the community for feedback

Summer 2023*

Identify and present preferred design alternative with the community

Fall 2023

Finalize preferred design and study recommendations

Winter 2023

City will evaluate timing of construction with 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Program development


*We are here

Project Documents

Document Title


July Open House Boards


July Open House Flyer


April Open House Boards


Holyoke Project Engagement Summary 04.14.2023


Holyoke Highview Corridor Map 04.14.2023